Training Programme

ICA’s Training Programme was established in May 2017 at the Programme Commission meeting in Arusha, Tanzania.

The Training Programme

ICA’s Training Programme was established in May 2017 at the Programme Commission meeting in Arusha, Tanzania. It aims to provide ICA members with high quality training opportunities across the full scope of archive and recordkeeping competencies via a range of delivery methods including online learning, face-to-face training and training trainers. The Training Programme is designed to work with the New Professionals Programme and the Africa Programme to reflect and address PCOM’s priorities for ICA’s professional expertise, support and development. The goals of the Programme are to:

  • Support the initial and continuing professional development of archivists and recordkeepers around the world
  • Build capacity in areas of the world where archival education and training needs strengthening
  • Identify and protect archives through awareness-raising and training
  • Ensure that the skills and competencies are in place for members to adhere to and exploit ICA standards, publications and tools

The Programme operates under ICA’s Training Policy which states explicitly that ICA will not be offering professional education but is restricting its training activity to awareness-raising, initial training and continuing professional development. The training strategy is to build on existing materials and activity, focusing on PCOM’s existing priorities and to gradually build a more comprehensive, consistent and effective programme.

Currently members of ICA can access training in several ways:

  • PCOM and FIDA projects with training elements
  • Section and Branch training and conferences
  • Publication of resources (standards, publications, bibliographies and other learning resources and tools) in ICA’s online resources centre that can be used for self-learning and by trainers
  • Dedicated training packages
  • Attending Congress and Annual Conference which offer presentations and discussions as well as workshops and results in additional online resources

The Training Programme is under development, but eventually it will include the following elements:

  • A range of training resources which are easy to access and use
  • An updated Train the Trainer package and a standard methodology to follow when delivering training for ICA
  • A number of training packages for face-to-face delivery
  • A set of on-line training modules
  • A database of trainers’ details
  • A broad-brush competency model to set out the content and levels for ICA training
  • A mentoring scheme

These initiatives will be developed incrementally to create a high quality reservoir of materials that can be accessed and used by ICA members for initial training, continuing professional development, to develop their own training packages and to increase skills and numbers of trainers. The first tasks in implementing the programme are to undertake both a membership survey on training needs and to complete the review of existing training resources.

The Training Programme is based on a detailed report by the PCOM Working Group on On-line Learning established by Normand Charbonneau, VP Programme, under the leadership of Margaret Crockett in November 2016. Membership included: PCOM members Mariella Guercio, Didier Grange and Vitor Marques da Fonseca; Ryan Courchene, New Professional, Library and Archives Canada: and Marianne Deraze, Christine Trembleau and Jessica Squires from the ICA Secretariat.

For further information, please contact Margaret Crockett, ICA Training Officer