Expert Group on Digital Records - DREG

The Digital Records Expert Group (DREG) takes a holistic approach to investigating and raising awareness about digital records with an emphasis on working in low resource areas.

 In Scope

Topics and issues that are in scope for DREG include:

·         The nature and characteristics of digital records, including:

  •  Types and range of digital records
  •  Attributes, e.g., authenticity, integrity, appearance, behavior

·         The intersection of records and data in curation, management, and dissemination

·         Information governance in relation to digital records

·         Digital forensics applied to managing digital records

·         Standards, guidance, tools, and workflows for  scheduling, accessioning, preserving, and providing access to digital records

·         Digital preservation standards and practice applied to the management of digital records

·         Metadata schemas, issues, and practice for digital records management

·         Management models for digital records, e.g., MoReq (EU), Vers  (AU), DoD (U.S), KRMS (Korea)

·         Definitions, terms, and concepts pertaining to digital records 

·         Continuing education and training for digital records and related issues

·         Active participation in the development and review of relevant standards and practice

Out of Scope

Topics that are out of scope for DREG include:

·         The digitization process, though digitized content once it has been digitized is in scope

·         Descriptive metadata

·         Recordkeeping for non-digital records

The emphasis of DREG is on practical applications and implications for managing born digital records.

Potential Collaborations

The scope of DREG intersects with other ICA and external groups, including efforts to address:

·         Overlaps and issues to do with descriptive, structural, technical , and preservation metadata, including the application of ISAD(G) and ISAAR (CPF) to digital records  

·         Digital record types, e.g., digital photos, digital audio and video content, Web-based content

·         Legal issues for digital records


Working Agenda  and Sample Outcomes

An initial set of working groups for DREG will include:

Continuing Education and Training:

·         Materials to promote and support continuing education for digital records through train-the-trainer approaches, guidelines for using ICA and other training modules

Standards and Practice:

·         Map of existing or emerging standards with relevance for digital records

Information Sharing:

·         Compilation of shared resources that document current examples of research, development, and practice for effective digital records management