About ICA Leadership

ICA Leadership

The ICA leadership is committed to making the ICA Vision a reality. Many nations and professional associations in the world are supporting the ICA through the involvement of their countrymen and representatives in the leadership of ICA.

Each member of the ICA leadership is committed to a specific role such as the Professional Programme, Marketing and Communications, or co-coordinating the branches, sections and professional associations. Needless to say, they are all available for comment and easy to contact.

All office holders are professional archivists, elected by the ICA membership for a fixed term. As the ICA's track record shows, they are effective in delivering the ICA's goals in areas such as raising awareness of archives, developing the skills and practice of record keeping professionals and leading on international action to save and provide access to archive collections.

The leadership team all serve on a voluntary basis and carry out their responsibilities in close co-operation with the salaried staff based in the Paris Secretariat and volunteers who support the Secretariat's work.

So click here to meet the leadership, learn about their work and even put yourself forward as a member of the team.